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2019 Projects

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Gynaecological consultation campaign for women between 15 and 35 years old

Traditions are avoiding young women to meet a gynaecologist.


The lack of information and follow-ups put young women and their partners at risk.


The goal of this project would be to raise awareness:

  • On the importance of personal and intimate hygiene

  • On sexually transmitted diseases (condom)

  • On rape, prostitution

  • On unwanted pregnancies (contraception)

  • On excision (mutilation and consequences)


This campaign would be planned for November 2019. The project would include the nursing staff of each clinic, a French volunteer gynaecologist and an AHSECA team.

Various help
  • Medical care

Canteen construction in a primary school
  • The canteen of the Daara school (Farmoriah village) was destroyed during the 2018 rainy season...

Kiradi School
  • Financial support and vocational training for young girls.

  • Renovation of premises.